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What is your favorite color?


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I heard that Dakinis are incorporeal beings. If this is true, do you see color the same way humans do; and if so what is your favorite color? 

FIVE WISDOM DAKINIS have their corresponding color.

On a human level, these dakinis are believed to have manifested as the five women who practiced the teachings together with Padmasambhava, including the most secret exercises. Erroneously and unfortunately, both these major goddesses and their human incarnations are often reduced in importance by simply calling them the Five Consorts.

(1) the Buddha-Dakini Akashadhatvishvari appears on the 1st day at the Center, in union with Vairocana. Her color is WHITEand her element ether; she represents the Wisdom of Universal Law. (or with either Ratnasambhava or Akshobhya
(2) he Vajra-Dakini Locana appears on the 2nd day in the East, in union with Aksobhya. Her color is BLUE and her element water; she represents the Wisdom of the Mirror. (or with Vairocana in the East)
(3) e Ratna-Dakini Mamaki appears on the 3rd day in the South, in union with Ratnasambhava. Her color is YELLOW and her element earth; she represents
the Wisdom of Equality. (or with Akshobhya in the Center)
(4) the Padma-Dakini Pandaravasini [Pandara] appears on the 4th day in the West, in union with Amitabha. Her color is RED and her element fire; she represents
the Wisdom of Distinction & Discernment.
(5) the Karma-Dakini Samayatara [Samaya Tara] appears on the 5th day in the North, in union with Amoghasiddhi. Her color is GREEN and her element air; she represents the Wisdom of Action & Accomplishment.

Since Dakinis are energetic beings in the female form I prefer yellow as my favorite color. Yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy. A "sun color", it makes us feel happy and optimistic. It lifts the soul. Yellow represents happiness, clarity, and sunlight. A stimulating, joyous, and intelligent color, yellow is optimistic, confident, and full of self-esteem.
Yellow Spiritually Effects - Personal power, strength, sense of self-worth, transformation, courage, and laughter. YELLOW FTW!

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This, all colors of Satanism...& green, I often liked that color since when I was A small child growing up. 🙃 

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