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February 23rd, 2021 The confession and downfall of Mauricio Gonzalez III Born February 13th, 1995

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One Maurico Gonzalez III aka Maitreya.  


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Guilty of the kidnapping, murder and unlawful impersonation of one "Lucien" 

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various vialations of CFAA, cyber stalking, cyber harassment, and bullying.


Begin Transcript between Maruicio and Myself - I would have acted sooner were it not that no one has time to read this man's wordy crap:

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  1. hope you are able to read.

so you know the dtory. what more you want?

December 25, 2020 2:51 am

Mauricio put you up to this?


This is Mauricio I'm speaking to?


With whom am I speaking to currently?

December 25, 2020 4:11 am

I want to know who was actually threatening Maria. That's the only person I have an issue with.

December 25, 2020 6:42 am

👻you read the note in the first picture yet?, you may tell her about it. as for this person?, this how you get what you want.☠️

he assaulted and robbed me during the ordeal, stole my device to do with it as he saw fit. the only thing i said was her name and the more i said it, the more he assaulted me...threw me in the shower while still in my clothes and waterboarded me, then joked that he should do that more often so that his sports team would win. what made me not break down were the memories of her before my b.p.d. ex from britain started being an issue and before the "illness" that i needed to stay for being supportive. i still question if choosing to stay to take care of an ill family member over going to her country was the correct thing to do, b.p.d. ex causing stress only added more problems.






he betrayed once and i rarely give second chances to others, he betrayed twice by his assault and robbery and constantly lied to me of things...which is worse.

enjoy your "gift".





December 25, 2020 11:23 am

"in verità vino"?, I am I am completely honest. 🥃😔🖤

This is for her...I know uou despuse me & such, but I want her to know this...

Io voglio andare a "casa", nella nostra stessa nazione. (I want to go "home", in our very own nation.)

I am sorry for my ignorance...

ZAYN, Taylor Swift - I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)

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Old pictures from yeats ago...


December 25, 2020 2:19 pm

Who's he? I need names man. I will help get revenge.

Don't leave yet man. We can fix this.

I want to help you.

I want to help the jsut


and to curse the rotten.

You have nothing to fear from me if you are truthful.

  1. I am relaying all of these messages to her.

If you are just, you have a friend in me.

If you are rotten, you have an enemy

I feel that you are just.


I will help you.

Everything you send me, I am sending to her.

I need you to tell me what is your name, and what is his name?


I don't despise you!

I despise anyone who would threaten Maria.

If it wasn't you, then I have no quarrel with yo.


I need you to tell me your name and his name just to be clear. I will help you.

I have called his wife and left a mesage explaining all

I favor the Just and Curse the Rotten

Be well.

PS: I am not mad at whoever told my fiance that I cheated on her.

It was actually the best thing for us.

I feel better having the truth be known, and she and I have never been closer.

So. Thank you! I mean it. 🙂


December 25, 2020 5:37 pm

You are looking at the name right here, "Oscar Landaverdé Jr.III" & he hates it when I called him that...he instead wants to be called "cortez", because he believes that he is descended from "Hernan Cortez" (the conquistador).

"in verità vino" was one of the last things she ever told me & it stuck with me for A very long time, I use often use it as A coping mechanism (in secret) when-ever I want to be completely honest with some thing.

For A very long time, I wanted to get my hands on & use heroin...thinking that it would help make me more "desirable", since...well, "you know".


I got contacted around the time i was trying out the whole "college" thing about two years ago, i was told some thing about Russia & so i was hoping to get a certification of teaching languages (specifically sign language) so that I can get a job over there...but to my own ignorance, i never knew sign language was different for each country & the more i communicated...the less interested I became in "college", especially when given the impression that what I was told about Russia is false.

I suppose i dodged a [metaphorical] "bullet"?, i still would have dropped out later on and not finish because of the "Chinese Disease Panic" making every one make every thing shut down...

here is a "bonus" for you, it is worth mentioning my abusive B.P.D. ex (Faith Jason Robertson-Foy) far the most disrespectful, yet obsessive person ever and had the tendency to make numerous threats to me or those (including pets) i cared about. in the past, i thought she put you up to harassing me since she had others do it before. so you may have two, with the latter being involved in *Local British Government* (aberdeen). she acted just as bad as the "traitorous lying thief" who assaulted me. much of that year (two years ago) really killed my sense of self-worth and last year, i was going to do some random "hunting" and demanded some one (or some thing) specific to give me a "message" if me "hunting" is not desired. *they* heard me & intervened...i had two in my sights when i had an encounter with some thing in the sky, some thing i had seen before & i stopped my "hunt". a month later, i would discover why me leaving the Peninsula made me feel upset...

...what i learned, goes deeper than "unfinished business" and i have finally found some thing that i have spent my whole entire life looking for in this country. if either of (her & i) us knew what is in her country, i would have found a way to make it a priority and find some one else to temporarily take care of the ill family member.

My obsession is the country, because of what is in the organization that is some thing I would have built, were it not for the numerous disappointments...both before & after the "incidents". Words can not describe it, but if it makes sense? felt like "home".

Are you Mauricio?


I... by the way

Was John


I didn't know, man.

I didn't know he was impersonating you.


I was just trying to make sure he or whoever was sending those threats stayed far away form Maria.

If you're not him. And this is true, Mauricio. Then I owe a sincere appology.

And I owe your karate instructor one as well.

You're a good kid. You have honor.


You are ONA.


I sincerely apologize to you.

And I will relay your messages to Maria.


I should tell you that she does have a boyfriend now. And she seems happy. Even so, she will be happy to have this cleared up. And I think may be willing to be friends with you. I will leave that to her though.

You have heart, kid.

Stay you. Your friend: Shane. AKA AK. 🙂

  1. Please don't do heroin.

And lay of the drinking. You saw how it made me act.

I'm 2 years sober now.

Don't make the same mistake I did.

You have a bright future ahead of you, man.

Be well. Talk to you soon. 🙂

Ok, man. We're going to fix this.

You are free to rejoin SIN. No one will harm you.

I am sorry I banned you.

And hazed you.

You were a solid poster with well thought-out essays.

I have told Zach that it is not you who we are after.

Oscar, however. Better watch his back. We're not finished with him.

As you were, soldier. I look forward to seeing on our side on the battle field 🙂

And again. My apologies to you for this misunderstanding.

Keep fighting the good fight. In a world full cat turds, you are gem. Be safe. Be well.

  1. My B.P.D. ex (Faith Jason Robertson-Foy) also impersonated me, thus there are two people rather than one...both are givers of terrible advice & highly manipulative, they used me as A "tool". May be my former "Tovarisch" could be considered worse because I gave him A second chance several years ago after he first betrayed me, him assaulting & robbing me while all I had in my mind to cope through the torment was the pleasant of her before our argument caused by stress & bad advice. My B.P.D. ex (Faith Jason Robertson-Foy) technically did not betray, since she only acted in her nature...but I still regard it all as betrayal.

    2. Huh...had no clue.

    3. I still have feelings for her, no matter how much hard I try to suppress feels like A great loss, the loss of A good opportunity & it costed me A lot.

    4. Me wanting to do heroin makes me think that I would be more desirable to her, I did other narcotics...but I have yet to "Ride The Dragon".

  2. To this very day, my biggest regret was not going to Italy three years ago...not only because of her, but because there is some thing there that I spent all my life searching for & they appreciate what little contributions I currently have to offer, I can offer more once I successfully move over there completely...with A secured citizenship.
  3. None of you will see me return there, if you want to read my philosophical know where you can find them, most of the articles are accepted by them.

I have some thing that I am curious about what your perspective is...


  1. What do you think of this?, do you know what this represents?...curious.

December 25, 2020 9:37 pm




1b. An other "gift" for you, she was quite the abusive stalker for nearly five years.

1c. When she isn't impersonating or extorting, she uses one of her many accounts...

1d. She is the biggest waste of time in my life & unfortunately, it had "molded" me to be used as A "tool" by some one from California who never really wanted any thing to do with me...just wanted to use me.

1e. Regrettably, she was the closest thing to A relationship I ever had...because of my inexperience with positive relationships & getting bad advice from my former Tovarisch (prior to his assault & robbery when I refused to submit to his demands), things became complicated. Can ignorance & being pressured by others to do things against my will be excusable?, either way...I am remorseful, especially when I had A peculiar feeling the whole time that some thing was wrong...terribly wrong, but I did not know the reasons due to my lack of experience/knowledge. 😔

*sorry man - just doing the whole Christmas people calling and what not (hope you had a good one, btw) (reads)

  1. Ok now this all makes sense. They were impersonating you. I didn't know this. They fooled me, even. I feel terrible about that. Man, I'm so sorry dude. It's cool I got to meet Maria in person. She's really cool. And yes, I did cheat on my fiancé with her, BUT I'm not actually a cheater by nature. Our situation is complicated, and honestly I really did have feelings for Maria to. In fact I do love her. As a friend. I'm happy in my relationship, and she needs to be with someone her own age. So I get it - she's a really good person, and I see why you fell in love with her.
  2. Yeap that was me. I thought you were the one stalking Maria. So all the bad stuff I said about you is really about them, I noticed talking to you as John Gestalt - I remember how persistent you were and thinking "wait a minute, he doesn't seem mean at all..." It didn't fully click until, like last week, you might have been telling the truth.


  1. I can totally see why you would. She's an awesome person, and I'd like to help at least make sure you too can reconnect and see where it goes. Oscar really screwed you over hard on this man. And you're fellow Satanist. SO let it be known he's made a few enemies.

This isn't over for him.

Not by a long shot.

But you. You're back in the clear. I encourage you to return to SIN and help restore it to its former glory. Preach O9A and show what it means to bring honor to Satanism

I think you are the man for the Job. I will relay this to Zack.

PS is this you in FB? 

If so, a "sAKlas rAKsasha" has added you. In case you haven't figured it out yet, that is me 🙂 AK


Please accept my request. I've found a number of people who would be very interested in all you have to share.

Good people. Strange people. Atypical people.

You will no longer be alone.

  1. Don't ever touch heroin. I've tried it, btw.

*I've NEVER tried it.

Weed is fine. Mushrooms they're fun. LSD is something you want to do in a group with your tribe - that's a life changer - highly recommend it.

E is sort of fun, but... it's not candy. It's a bit risky. Worth trying a few times with a girl.

  1. Italy is kind of a mess, and it's not an easy language to learn. But even so, you're young. You're not even 1/3rd of the way through your life. There's still time, man. Don't beat yourself up 🙂
  2. I think you could be the one to Moderate SIN

You know first hand what it's like when internet people do bad shit to users. And that was really the only thing that set me off on you. I didn't know you. I just so someone one SIN was attacking another user on SIN, so I did my Job and went after you. Like a hound. I had no idea people were impersonating you.

I think you going back and being mod would be the perfect way to heal from this.

Give it thought. I don't have time to run sin. I have my project I'm building - it'll be ready in 2022. But I think you can gain experience leading a community here.

  1. Continued: RE sexual position - circulation of kundalini. If you have not looked into it already, you will find a treasure trove in Vajrayana Buddhism and Enochian Sex Magic 🙂

I won't spoil it for you - the fun is in discovering for yourself.

We'll get revenge on these two people. And by WE I mean like an army of us!

I'm going to relay our conversation to Zach and Maria. And I think, my friend, this is a great way to end 2020 and start 2021. I'm looking forward to it. Hail Satan!

SIgn up for SIN, I'll relay this to Zach and I will ask him to make YOU the moderator. I will drive traffic there. And I look forward to seeing you building something great. You have what it takes, Mauricio!

Take care - AK

(Zach, by the way didn't know you were being impersonated either... he's actually on OK guy when you get to know him)

My apologies to you and you sensei. Be well!

  1. He is an atheist that had A voo-doo priestess do A ritual on him when he was younger, he probably dabbled in Occultism...but is no practitioner of the faith.

    2. Have you ever wondered why I never used the term "Boyfriend" or "Girlfriend"?, that is because I am A person who desires commitment...the whole thing with family & marriage, you all readily know I live in Nevada. If "sex" was all I ever wanted, I would have gone to A brothel...I wanted to have all my "firsts" with her, I regrettably let my self get pressured to be in A different relationship that I just could not "connect" with. I made an article about the diagram...I'll show you, then we can continue commucating more about this topic.



Dude - that's neat!

I'm going to turn you on to another community you will be VERY at home in

This Esoteric Empire. On Facebook. Lots of cool people who would really appreciate exactly your kind of writing.

I have to hop off now, but continue writing and I will reply later, man


  1. FaceBook messenger is broken for me, it won't let me read nor send messages unless I get their stupid application.

    4. Okay...but I still would go for Sativa Cannabis & D.M.T., for ritualistic purposes. What is "E"?, is it "Ecstasy"?

    5. Italy being A "mess" makes it have great potential, U.S.A. & Russia are A waste of time when it comes to trying to do any thing even remotely significant.

    6. My place is with "Secuntra" & "U.S.I.", at least for how-ever long I am deemed worthy. Ironically, I learned about the latter by searching for information on the former...we have goal & I desire to put my experience & knowledge to help contribute to it's success, I perceive as some thing worth fighting/living for. She often talked about "going home", but seemed like "home" was closer than what we initially thought, more specifically an island under her country's banner & I dreamed of an independent Satanic nation in the Mediterranean numerous times.

  2. As you have read, I made the emphasis: "Don't have sex with some one you don't want to be"...I learned that *Virginity* (as an energy) can be restored for women, but I don't know if the same applies to men. The only thing I did know was that I "inherited" A lot of negative traits from my negative relationships from the past, before & after Maria...
  3. I don't care about "revenge", do what-ever you want with them...what I do care most is realizing the "dream/vision" & ensuring that *U.S.I.* succeeds, I am willing to be any thing that would help benefit them: Farmer, Hunter, Preacher, Propagandist, Sailor, Soldier. They were amused by my fierce expression of willingness to be highly devoted, one of them referred to me as "Guardian"...saying that is what they would want me to be.
  4. I'll think about it, but for now...I am focusing on learning Italian, since it is A citizenship requirement & need to get out of the "bubble" of this language. We communicate later? 🤔

Yes. I will make time for you on Sunday, man. PS Maria will be available to rely January 6th.

In the mean time I have left a message for you to consider:

Satanic International Network

The Premiere social networking site for Satanists. This is IT. The place to be if you desire to mingle with other Satanists, Occultists and LHP practitioners. There is nothing like us to be found anywhere else. Created in 2010 by Zach Black ( YouTube - satanicinternational & thesatanicnetwork).

* in the shoutbox.

ttys - take care

December 26, 2020 4:04 am



do you understand? 🙂


be well, my friend.

December 26, 2020 7:32 am

You wanted to know why I wore A PeaCock feather?, these are the reasons...

-An expression of "solidarity" with the Yazidí, especially when they were being specifically targeted by the Musulmanes.

-It is said that each feather contains magic power from the bird him self, many people that physically encounter me have expressed admiration & fascination in their own individual ways. Only one particular group of people physically disrespected the feather & they seemingly paid the price based on my observations of events.

-It is one of the few animals that I can relate, elegance, grace & majesty. My body had naturally developed as Androgynous & even though I admire/aspire/revere "The Female Form" for what it is (much like how the original worshippers of A particular Goddess had done), this does not mean that I my self am homo-sexual. One thing worth noting is that at some times in nature, the most beautiful things are the most dangerous & deadly.

What is your opinion on Tarot?

December 26, 2020 10:57 am

Indeed. I am Cossack on my Father's side. 🙂 I keep a peacock and feathers in my ritual chamber in the southwest well for same reasons. If you have not read The Satanic Rituals by Anton LaVey, The Chapters "Pilgrims of the Age of Fire" and "Homage to Tchort" are ones you will find most illuminating. I believe that the Tarot holds a Key to the mystery of Man's relation to God and Government. Elphias Levi wrote at length about it. I am going to post a code in Enochian in the shoutbox on SIN. Mark it will. You will be asked for its meaning later if yu are to be entrusted as a mod (to prevent imposters from abusing your role) Be well.

Incidentally, almost any and every book you could possibly ask for can be found here:

Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a scientific community targeting collection of books on natural science disciplines and engineering.

^I hope this helps in you search for VOOAN OD meaning. ttys

*PS I am issuing an apology to your former Dojo Power (something something) I encourage you to rejoin them and give up alcohol and smoking Tabaco. (psychedelics' are fine when taken with respect and purpose)

December 26, 2020 12:58 pm





You'll get there. It just takes time. It's a life long commitment. I've just been at it.... 24 years now. 🙂 ttys

  1. I have not read all of it as towards my understanding, it is more beneficial to an adolescent rather than adult...or at least that is what some of the reviewers typed down.

    2. I have predominantly Mediterranean lineage, specifically Greek.

    3. I am working on earning my place more among *U.S.I.*, the representatives are highly intelligent & very accommodating...we resolve our disputes like professional mature adults, as we all realize that we have some thing more important to focus on rather than fight over trivial matters. Their political beliefs appear to be similar & match my own, but they choose (at least for the time-being) to officially remain "apolitical". I have no complaints as they are the type of individuals I have been long searching for all my life & we have A goal that we work on.

    4. I understand "OD", but forgot about "VOOAN"...I would need to get back towards study on this, I am primarily focusing on Italian for citizenship purposes.

  2. They are good people, I enjoyed my time with them back when it was necessary...the folks I helped train also appreciated my patience & willingness to assist, I was due for my black-belt. I stopped going after returning to Nevada as I felt that they deserved some one better, then not long after...this "disease" came & caused A lot of places to shut down by Governor's order. I am currently interested more in weapon maintenance & accuracy, all for pragmatic purposes.

    6. I strongly believe that addiction is "A State Of Mind" since I do not appear to develop any addiction towards the things that I have done, though I do not deny that withdrawal does exist & could be unpleasant...some more than others. I smoked rolled Tobacco as it reminded me of some one who loved rolled Tobacco, it helped me cope for the moment...especially when I was still under the shadow of some guy (formerly Tovarisch) I once thought I knew well-enough.

  3. I seemingly appear to have developed A natural talent with Tarot & could be potentially as accurate as some particular Tarot practitioner from YouTube, she helped bring plenty of clarity...I did A Tarot card reading not long ago, curious if you are fully familiar with Rider-Waite?

December 27, 2020 8:09 am

  1. Give it a re-read with a fresh set of eyes. You will not be disappointed (The Satanic Bible is geared toward adolescents - it's a primer after all, The Rituals are the next step - what comes after.)


The Satanic Rituals

The Satanic Bible was written by Anton LaVey in 1969. It is a collection of essays, observations and basic Satanic rituals, and outlines ...

2 - Ah. Well as long as it isn't Jew. 😀


  1. U.S.I. I'm not sure what the U.S.I. is. What does this stand for?
  2. VOOAN = Truth OD = And.

VOVIN and VOOAN are similar for reasons that come later.

(it gets pretty wild when code is compiled and you hit execute - good luck explaining any of it to anyone though 😀 )


3 . ^ Should be 4 .

5 . You may have it backwards. One doesn't undertake the martial arts to serve the Dojo with their prowess. The Sensei is at the service of his students. You're not supposed to be a champion off rip - it's a process of becoming, not a test of ability or worth.

  1. I used to believe the same. I was wrong. Prisons and rehabs nation wide are filled to the brim of similarly minded blokes who know better now.

7 . I'm more of a Crowley Thoth Deck Person myself. I am familiar with the Waite deck, and understand that it is the purists choice. Fortunately the underlying hidden secrets apply across implementations - the Thoth deck is just more loud about it. Waite is more subtle. This book is pretty insightful. Highly recommended:


The Kabalistic and Occult Tarot of Eliphas Levi

This is a compilation of Eliphas Levi's writings on the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot and their corresponding Hebrew letters. It includes ...

Here is something you may enjoy:


^That user on SIN - that's not her real pic.

Though she seems like a mundane, it is far from the case.

This is her Ezine. I think you two will make fast friends for conversation. She's an amazing writer and has the stamina to keep up.

Nexion Zine 6.1 - nxs.pdf

C or "Chloe" she goes by.

She's been at this for... jeeze... 10 years, 11 years.

Chats with D.M. - The whole nine. Pretty cool peeps too. Not too pretentious.

Her sense of humor can be acerbic. "That's Gay" it sort of like her calling card. A sort of in-joke. No real harm meant by it. But it is off putting to people who don't know what to make of her.

I suspect you two would have much to discuss. You are welcome back at SIN. The air's been cleared, I think you do have a lot to contribute. Like a fire, it starts with a spark, and things sort of grow organically. SIN has gone through at least 5 evolutions in its time. 2021 could well be the era of MGII. 'Might be pretty neat to see what turns up. Couldn't be any worse than when I was running it 😀

A leader who waits on permission from on high to lead as no leader at all 😉 Carpe Diem. -AK




*incidentally, you might find this intersting. It's a work in progress. A bit rough around the edges, but it's functional enough.

Thoth Tarot Reading : Digital Valhalla

Have you considered learning Python?

December 27, 2020 10:34 am

  1. Sure, I'll think about it some time. 🤔

    2. Exactly... 😉

    3. They are who I aspire to work with, ironically...I learned about them while searching for Secuntra, apparently some of their representatives knows them & do collaborations...none officially claim to be O.9.A. though & express that they operate independently, only thing that I know for sure is that they have A proven track-record of success.

    4. Ja, I figured that out the other day...the rest involved the words "become" & "justice".

    5. I actually liked volunteering though, I learned extra stuff on the side & got discounted it was sort of A win-win deal, the guy also reminded me of some one I once knew back in my former Sailor days & they both were medics who served in Vietnam. 😅

    6. I utilize different "spreads" with the Rider-Waite, I have come up on some thing peculiar..perhaps I will show you & ask you about it after learning A little more about you? In regards to your Digital-Thoth?, it is..."peculiar"

  2. What do you mean by "Python"?, curious...


  1. In case there was an other thing that you were wondering about, see what I mean about my ex from Britain?


  1. This was an idea I had, one potential way to advertise passively is simply writing the web address in the one complains about it & it is "legal", done this all my life.

6b. question: How do you define your beliefs, political & spiritual/religious?

  1. Good deal. Someone who totally isn't me, I swear has a massive PDF library of rare occult books. This includes all of the books by LaVey in addition to several hundred more. If this interests you, just say the word and I will provide you a dump of the files.


  1. I Hate Juice! 😀
  2. Interesting, yes. I will look more into it.

*PS please do not advertise aspiring to belong to groups that could put you on a watch list. You are honest and trusting to a fault. This is something to be mindful of. I will remind you of this as I am able, but I'm counting on you to look out for yourself. Most people are viscous and deceptive animals. I know it doesn't make sense to you, but it's just how it is.


  1. Indeed. There's only about 500 or so words documented in the Enochian language. It's simpler than most people think. I can hand write and read it. It's fun!
  2. I think you should consider getting back into it. I've never met a single person who ever said "I'm really glad I quit my DoJo". There's a spiritual element to the martial arts. One of brotherhood and community. Plus it's good for you. It's not about how good you already are, but how you persevere in the face of adversity and see things through to the end no matter how long it takes. 🙂


*Also, it feels good to help others: it's what humans are designed to to - it's our evolutionary "gift".


*we wouldn't have survived this long were it not for ithat.


  1. Of course. I am a peculiar person as well "atypical" Most Satanists are. "Alien elite"/
  2. Python is a programming language. It is used in Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, something I suspect you will have a gift for. It is free to learn, and it has a real community of enthusiastic developers supporting it. It's the first "fun" language to learn. Knowing that you do have Autism, I will tell you a secret. Many of my colleagues in my occupation as a Systems architect also have Autism: they are some of the best programmers I've ever met. Linus Torvaldis is also one. He created Linux 🙂 I think learning this will open doors for you, both creatively, educationally, and financially.

*call it a hunch

The story behind AK is that I used to belong to a forum "600Club"

My user name was "Antikarmatomic"

It was there that I developed my abilities to debate online. I got to interact with many really intelligent people in the Satanic Community. *I'm an old goat - in my low 40s.


Michael Accquino was a regular there as well. He was a very interesting man to debate with. Always a class act. Never rude. Rarely swore. You would've liked him.

He passed away this year.

I regret how rude I was to him in my early years. I think he understands. Youth and it;s fire. 🙂 "As brothers fight ye!" -Aliester Crowley.

AK is short for Anti Karma (a)tomic.

There's no other hidden meaning behind it.

*Faith did contact me once. But we did not communicate long, She sent a video of you whipping yourself and of a truck falling on your head.

She contacted Maria quite a bit.

2929 hindsight, she made you out to be a deranged killer


She convinced us thoroughly. This is why I was so aggresive toward you. I too was fooled (hence why I go by Saklas now. Saklas means fool... plus AK is still in it: sAKlas :p )

I'm glad my fiance told me not to seek revenge on you, man.

It would've been a tragedy for all of us.

*It is true that I am a VERY violent person in real life - but only to people who I think deserve it.

Whoever tipped you off to my fiancé's Facebook profile may have been trying to get you killed and me arrested (no offense, but I really thought you were going to fly to Italy to kill Maria)

so, I would like for us to work together to have these people put away. The right way. Their crimes are serious felonies.

And I will be taking them to court.

I do have access to premium legal console.

I will also be suing ROR on our behalf.

You as well as Maria and Zach will be receiving compensation. Trump is removing the clause that indemnifies content providers from persecution for hosting slander.

Being a libra, I have a thing for "Justice"

and what is ethical and fair.

*though I can be rude, violent, and vulgar. Politeness is "optional" with me.

Chaotic Neutral through and through. 🙂


Like the Joker in someways.

The problem with mundanes is that it doesn't matter how loud you scream the truth: unless it is convenient and comfortable for them to hear, they will ignore it. Willful ignorance. It it what it is. No sense in vandalizing perfectly good cash.

I short, I guess you could say I'm a Federalist, politically. I agree with most of what Free Masonry espouses except insofar as theri treatment of women. I think Communism is evil of the worst kind. Spiritually, I'm am occultist. I believe that there are perpendicualr dimensions to this one we know and love that we also inhabit unawares. I think if only we were to see infrared light and ultraviolet and higher, we'd be terrified of what's been luring over our shoulder this whole time. I think Topology and differential geometry are REALLY worth studying. The Essenes were basically correct. I secret between you and only a few others: I am a registered Jain. The swastika is the symbol of my religion. I am vegetarian and I believe in non-violence (with exceptions where the saving of life it is necessary)

I am also a LaVeyan Satanist. These things are not contradictions.


ttys, man! Be well 🙂


*that is me. 12/21

  1. I have made A few notes, digital library & such...I am A pragmatic individual, most of my personal games are digital just as my personal literature.

    2. It is the thing that I searched for all my life, it is some thing that I aspired to create...if I had known about it &/or was told, I would have traveled to Italy (likely by ship) several years ago. I heard from A few acquaintances that some thing is being planned in one of the islands & it very well matches to my dream/vision that I had long ago...A nation in the Mediterranean. I have an could very well work if every Occultist individual can take inspiration from *U.S.I.* & work together in A mutual goal, we could very well have our own "Home Land" (or at the very least, an "Autonomous Region" similar to A native reservation). Many other groups succeeded in this, surely we could too? 🤔



  1. Hmm...this actually reminds me of an other question that was in my mind for A very long time, was she referring to you in this?
  2. Ah...A joke for you?: "Old Goat, meet Old Bat"...I often regard my self as "An Old Bat". 😅


Have you seen this?

as an "old bat" I think you will really enjoy the symbolism 😉


  1. I was hunting in Nevada, primarily because I was tired of being A victim by every one all the I told A specific deity my intentions & if it was not some thing necessary for me to do, then tell me in some form or an other...I got A response, it flew towards the east & from there...I understood the meaning. 😮

ah I am east of you, this is true. Faith is 95% lies.

She doesn't know me at all.

What I told about Samael and my relation to it is true (though I really shouldn't have said anything... I blame the alcohol... I was heavily addicted back then.)

I got sober February of 2019. Haven't looked back since.

"You have to go through hell before you get to heaven, my friend"

  1. Italy is in the east too & while searching for Secuntra, I learned about *U.S.I.*...very legit, I am impressed & it takes A lot to impress me.

I'll tell you what.

I do believe that Maria would like to reconcile with you.

You should understand that she does have a boyfriend now.

But... well... she's more natural with her sexuality.


She and I did have sex, and I know it might break your heart to hear.


But I really did and do love her.

It's Agape.

If that makes sense.


She isn't a slut either.

She is comfortble showing love phsycially.

It's natural and healthy.

She's not a virgin. But so what?

I didn't coerce here or even trick her.

She knew about my fiance

We did start off as friends.

And we remain frineds.

and I am happy for her.

Love, my friend... it's not all black and white, you know?

And I think, however if this is the real you

well maybe she an her boyfriend now are only meant for a time.


Sometimes that's the way of things

you break up amicably

always treasure and rember them


smile at your memories and they remain a part of you.

Just because it doesn't last forever doesn't mean it was a mistake.

And perhaps she and he will go their separate ways, naturally and by that time... if this is who you really are

she may come to love you

and if that is your karma

I would be honored to attend your wedding and salute you

and if you remain friends then in the future the three of us will meet when all this covid nonsense is over

perhaps in Venice

and have lunch and laugh at all this.

At how young we were.

We write our own stories.

And this is how I would like mine to go 🙂

She will be around January 6th and I will tell her how to contact you. I suggest taking it slow. Starting as friends.


I heard you already have a new girlfriend. If that is her - you did well, you stud!

She seems cool. I hope she treats you well kid.


You have heart.


And integrity.


You truly deserve all the best. There's not enough people like you on this planet.


Your different. But sometimes that's not such a bad thing.

I have to attend to another matter this afternoon. But please feel free to write and I will reply at my earliest opportunity. I do suggest you sign back up for SIN and introduce yourself. You have real friends waiting for your there.


  1. That is...ironic, I have become vegetarian years ago & remained as such since then.

    8. Hmm...reminds me of the sponsor for O.T.O. who is A Libra, too bad her leadership & organizational abilities are inadequate...which is why I left. Before them, I tried Free-Masonry until one of the people (A guy seemingly of Italian descent) told me that A few jews were going to black-ball vote against me & suggested that I should go up North. 😐

    9. "Virginity" is where residual energies are purged, so in can be regained, I read some thing about it & shared with two females in the past...both testify that it is true. I am not sure if the same could be applied towards A male, but I tried...I wanted all "my firsts" to be with her, not some random stranger who only used me as A tool like some guy I once thought I knew & I was intoxicated during the whole process..I kept thinking of her repeatedly, it apparently took no less that five hours before I was ever able to be "finished off".-->

9b. I never wanted A relationship with her, but she initiated it against my original intent...I do not think she ever truly had A serious enough interest in Satanism & was only humoring me, I tried contacting her to tell her about *U.S.I.* only for her to block me...then I got A dream/vision of her telling me that she never really was all that interested to begin with. 2,018 killed my self-esteem A lot...two years of grieving & the only "cure" was *U.S.I.*, some of the representatives almost remind me of my self...of what I originally was.

  1. It all is just A big "What-If" scenario?

    What if I was not constantly under some one's "shadow" all the time trying to dictate how I should live or what beliefs (political or religious) I should have.

    What if there was no ill family member that I needed to take care of?

    What if my abusive ex from britain was not A problem?

    What if Maria knew about *U.S.I.* & told me about it?

    I very well would have come in the day she wanted me to, my biggest regret in all my life that haunts me is not going to Italy...& I learned that the reason goes beyond just her, there is some thing beautiful growing (slow & steady) in the is some thing that I just need to be part of. 🖤

  2. are "Deist" (in A sense), rather than atheist or agnostic? 🤔

December 27, 2020 6:03 pm

*Please stand by. This warrants quite some the though. Excellent conversation by the way 🙂


Hope your day is going well, man 🙂 Will reply in full around this time tomorrow


*PS it sounds to me like you're sort of limited in terms of a computer / ability to connect to the internet. Is that something I can help you with?


*PSS Do I have your permission to share our conversations with Maria so that she has a chance to feel you out?

**I do actually think privacy is an important thing to be mindful of - I only violated yours because I serious thought a user was in danger. Anything that you say to me moving forward is between you and I. You have my word.

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  1. I've never found a single good word to explain what I am for all occasions for all people. I think Samkhaya is the closest approximation to it... but almost no one knows what the hell that even means. So I use terms like Agnostic in its truest sense: *That due to the nature of what god is and the nature of our mind's limitations, it is as impossible to know god on an intellectual level as it is to count the grains of sand on a beach. It's not that I don't know the nature of god, but that I acknowledge that it is out of the intellectual mind's ability to say for sure.


Samkhya - Wikipedia

Samkhya (Sanskrit: सांख्य, IAST: sāṃkhya) is one of the six āstika schools of Hindu philosophy.[1][2][3] It is most related to the Yoga school of Hinduism, and it was influential on other schools of Indian philosophy.[4] It forms the theoretical foundation of Yoga. Samkhya is an enum...


*A present - best listened to with earbuds in, just before sleep or during meditation. The future is here.


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  1. Share away to Maria if it would help remedy things, I have no thing to hide apart from my shame in the personal ignorance I once had. At the same time, I encourage you to do similar unto me...

    2. Hmm...the way you describe it seems to remind me of "Deist", would you like to see A Tarot card reading I did A while back?

December 27, 2020 8:47 pm

Nameless Conflagration - Penetration of the Womb (Demonic Mindfuck). real horror from the EP, 'Death Ambient, Death Cult (Carrion of Human Suffering)'.

  1. I will - I think this will help.


  1. Yeah, man - share a way. 🙂


@Namless Conflaguration - Awesome! I will feature them on this page I have dedicated to Dark Ambient (you might like this as well)

Aural stream : Digital Valhalla

broadcasting live from

*most of these artists are off the CryoChamber label. Pretty interesting stuff. BlackMara is also a pretty good label. Both are on bandcamp. Lots of cool stuff to be found in the DIY community.

*lol Joozians Basically nailed it! 🤣


The Joozians - South Park (Video Clip) | South Park Studios US

The boys meet the Network Heads.

ttys - be well.

3. What do you think of this?, I remember sharing this with one woman A decade ago & an other woman few years back...both said that it works, but what do you think?...if plausible, could this work for males if it is slightly modified to accommodate the male anatomy? 🤔

How to Restore Your Virginity | Seven Sisters Mystery School

And What IS Virginity, Anyway? Dear Sacred Community, Earlier this month I wrote about the importance of women ritually “restoring their virginity.” The post created an avalanche of responses, mostly by appreciative women who understood the profound meaning of this womb clearing process. Before ...



  1. This is what I got...I made my interpretation, but curious about what your interpretation is. 🤔

    First two cards (in the past-tense) represents how we view each other as. Second two cards (in present-tense) represents our needs. Top row represents what is going on between us, you & I...the top card represents what occurs for both of us. 🐉

December 28, 2020 2:38 am

I think this is interesting in that I haven't spent much time considering what it must "be like" to have a menstral cycle, and this for the same reasons I haven't spent much time thinking about what it must be like to be a frog. Not that there's anything wrong with thinking about theses sorts of things (the mind is its own place, afterall) it's just that it's not of the quarter my attention tends. Chloe, I think, would probably have a humorous (and more meaningful) insight into this article. The sloughing off certainly makes sense even though it is something I haven't much considered.


Another person's virginity, strangely, isn't something I place any value in the valuation of. My thoughts are this: the value of one's virginity, if any, along with the meaning behind the experience of its loss is a private and solitary matter. In other words: one's virginity is a personal "milestone"(?) that, like all personal mile stones in the human experience, just so happens to be facilitated by another human being. Beyond that I don't see much sense in assessing the valuation or significance of reacquiring. One can never walk in the same river twice, eh? Always forward, never back.
This, of course, is just my opinion. It is an uncommon one, for sure.


I will think on the meaning of the cards over the course of tomorrow.


Something I should mention: what are your thoughts on China Weaponizing Weather and Causing Catastrophic flooding in retaliation for Trump not Ceding the White house to Biden? Does this concern you? Do you have a plan?

Be well 🙂 -Shane AkaAk 😂


The Flood. China. Soon.

December 28, 2020 5:24 am

  1. I believe that "Virginity" (the idea of being freed from residual energies of others) does have A value, depending on the can be A potentially "Healing Experience" (especially in cases of rape &/or trauma) apparently, those two women whom I have shared this article with testified that it does work. What I wondered most is if this was (hypothetically) modified so as to accommodate the male anatomy, would it still work? I suppose that "said value" of this ritualistic purification would depend entirely on each different individual, I guess it ultimately depends is if any of the "residual energies" from any previous encounters are healthy or not & how it effects you? As my article emphasized: "Don't have sex with some one you don't want to be" & well...let us say that this does carry A huge degree of truth, especially after having personally witnessed how it effects A person. 😮

    2. Look forward to reading your interpretation, I tell you mine & we can see if it similar🤔

  2. Well...years ago, I did have an ambitious plan & it involved Nevada's politics...but now I look towards an other location, an island in the Mediterranean & it matches my dream/vision of our own "Home Land". Doing A comparison between the three, U.S.A. & Russia are A waste of time...too much "logistics" & work is involved, but the Island in the Mediterranean holds great promise. This is easy to do & very subtle, no one would notice it for A long part of all is that neither "Donations" nor "Membership Fees" are needed, only the willingness of "Dedication" in the form of having the personal motivation for doing A *Pilgrimage* to the Island. The Island is there to stay, people can do their *Pilgrimage* at their own pace & with the intent of moving is fairly simple, just immigrating to A new location (carrying over your beliefs/practices) & just living life to it's fullest, knowing in comfort that others have done or are doing similar. 😐

There is "A Peculiar Sensation" at play here for A very long time, I'll tell & ask you more about it after your responses...especially in regards to the Tarot. ~M.🌻🐉

December 28, 2020 2:54 pm

Indeed. I believe everything happens for a reason. Cheers to the end of 2020, and to a new begining 2021, friend. I haven't forgotten about you, just swamped with other matters to attend to (clocks ticking 1/7th. Globalists are not happy. They will not go down quietly. I urge you to return to SIN where you will be welcome if you are in want of company - these are good people - those that remain, and your name has been cleared. If you are interested, I think you should read these and prepare.  ) take care, my friend. -Shane

Index of /file/


more to follow. Take care of yourself, man. You're kindred. Be well.


Instagram‘s New Terms of Service - Not Sketchy at All!

Grab your Supernatural Starter Set Here! -‘s new terms of service are not sketchy at all! The terms of use that came ou...

I appreciate the kind gesture, but as part of my own personal spiritual evolution...I am making great efforts to shed away all that which comprises of my former life, hence it would be A sort of "symbolic death" as I continue to plan on having A completely new life amongst *Kindred* in the Mediterranean. I asked the representatives of *U.S.I.* about what I should be referred to as once I have completed my *Pilgrimage* & successfully settled in their country, they were happy to provide. Here is A rhetorical question worth evaluating, which (metaphor) looks most appealing to you?..."A Withered Carcass On Life-Support" or "Some Thing Beautiful & Ever-So Evolving, Highly Adaptive"? 🖤

  1. Would you be interested in playing A little *game* called "Dirty Little Secret"?, the function is that we each take turns sharing A secret about any thing...our selves, people we know, people we despise & trends in general. The purpose is to (positively) criticize, incite humor & having the learning of A different perspective... 😏

December 28, 2020 5:04 pm

  1. In a word: "Nondualism". Chod is an interesting rabbit hole to chart out in this regard - you're a smart one. I trust you'll see what I'm getting at with me needing to act as if I invented this stuff 🙃


Chöd - Wikipedia

Chöd (Tibetan: གཅོད, Wylie: gcod lit. 'to sever'[1]), is a spiritual practice found primarily in the Yundrung Bön tradition as well as in the Nyingma and Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism (where it is classed as Anuttarayoga Tantra).[2] Also known as "Cutting Through the Ego,",[3] the prac...


  1. One's soul is made of those things they take between they and their maker alone to the grave. 😉
  2. (reading the *link; continue?...what do you see in the cards?) 🤔
  3. Hmm...I can understand that, though wouldn't exchanging knowledge & information for the purpose of teaching be A good thing as well? (curious). 😮

3b. almost reminds me of "Pathei-Mathos". 😐

privacy. Our privacy is crucial to what makes us who we are.

To sell a personal secret is to sell a piece of your soul.


that said, I ended up with two copies of this book last year



Vajrayogini is a tantric goddess from the highest class of Buddhist tantras who manifests the ultimate development of wisdom and compassi...


I don't know anyone who wants it.

if you would like, I can ship my second copy to you.


It's no trouble to me, and I think I have your address anyway.

may as well put it to productive use


  1. True...I suppose with what you previously mentioned, you intend to keep the interpretations of the cards to your self? 🤔

I need time to reflect on them still. The gear I use to interpret symbol turns at a much lower RPM than the gear I use to think thoughts and verbalize.


It's in the queue after work.

ttys will send the book out tomorrow - I think you will enjoy it 🙂


  1. I very well think I will enjoy, I look forward to telling you my interpretations & A few dreams/visions I had could say that they were premonitions or "messages", I recently had one involving the subject of *Pathei-Mathos* (with-out going in too much detail at the moment) & how it connects to the ``timing´´. 🤔😮

1b. I'll give you A *hint...A *bit of A "teaser", but it is some thing that is focused on only us (3) & no one else. 😏


December 28, 2020 7:00 pm

  1. You know...taking that "phrase" to *heart*, I must admit this at the very least: `For as much as knowledge/wisdom that I may have about Culture, History, Military, Politics & Religion/Spirituality...the one thing that I do not have knowledge of (due to factors that have been out of my control) is how relationships work, be it *Professional* or *Romantic* & I often have told others who complimented me that I am "smart"...I tell them that I am not "smart", not since what happened years ago & I have blamed my self A lot over my personal ignorance/weakness...heavily criticizing my self deep with-in & with-out mercy, even though it no longer affects me on the conscious affected my subconscious, many things have been repressed & at some times...some thing "slips out" when I come up on some thing that even so remotely reminds me of *Her*. It took two years to no longer have it affect me consciously, yet I remain affected in my subconscious... 😢🖤

December 28, 2020 8:30 pm

  1. I have no idea what you sent to me in FaceBook, I can not read/view their messages half of the time & I do not intend to get their dumb messenger application. 🤔

    I would like to offer you (two) an "invitation" to be inspired to do your own *Pilgrimage* towards our Island, of all the groups/individuals/organizations that I have worked with...*U.S.I.* is the most legitimate, they are relatively very accommodating & you won't feel alone. They're by all ways working on A project & never get too "complacent", we all resolve our personal disputes like grown professional mature adults...since in the end, we have sone thing more important to focus on rather than any (hypothetical) petty/trivial matter. I sincerely recognize them as "The Future" & we can be part of it, as though it were "Family"...I have not felt more "At Home" in my whole life. They're fascinated by the number three, there are three of us...let us work through *Pathei-Mathos* together & bury "the past", embrace NEW LIFE!💜

MATER OBSCURA - Canto e Orazione in latino

Tributo alla Sacra Mater ad opera di Bluemorphosis, progetto musicale satanico-esoterico ideato da Ellie Lunaria e Jennifer Crepuscolo. CREDITI: Musica compo...

December 29, 2020 6:19 am



*Hope all is well - more to follow later today (bear with me - bust days today and tomorrow, then I finally get some relief) Maria is open to talking directyl to you when she returns on the 6th. I will be shipping out your book (Vajrayogini) later this afternoon if I can catch a break. Be well 🙂


December 29, 2020 9:10 am



December 29, 2020 1:21 pm

  1. Should I tell you about the interpretation of the cards first? 😅

    2. I much has changed, what has happened since. 😴

    3. This is A weird A.I. thing that helps create A the first paragraph of A "story", but some times...I have noticed some odd coincidences if you use the introduction sentence based on some real. I just randomly typed this in & it nearly accurately described the guy I formerly knew, just as it has been A little over A year since I have started working with *U.S.I.* has been one A year & one-half since I have last verbally communicated with him, much less meet him in person. He knew that the first thing I wanted was my stuff back, which is why he never visited again...last thing he stole were some of my games!, I got uoset & told some of my acquaintances. Do you know about the game "Red Dead: Redemption 2"?, I play A R.P.-coven by chance came up on an N.P.C.-bounty target name "Oscar" & he appeared twice, I took it as A sign to send video.🤔

  2. If you ever wondered why I capitalize the letter "A" when it is isolated from the rest, it is because it became A *force of habit* as A result of being taught that way in elementary school & I just retained it...😐

    5. What do you think about P.T.S.D?, curious... 😔

December 29, 2020 3:34 pm

5b. "In Verità Vino", I had some wine (not too much) & so I speak (or type) full truth...may be just A little *hint?, perhaps on the subconscious level...I had thought for A very long time that if I was more like you in every way possible, then I can have any thing I wanted...even Maria. Although I don't actively & consciously (try to?) act this way, I often do it on A subconscious one is spared, all are treated equally & I don't even notice until long after the fact. My *heart*, *mind* & *soul* is dedicated fully unto *U.S.I.* for what it had provided me...but I can not deny that I want my "firsts" with her, to do every thing you did together with her & whether or not A relationship least I can focus more effectively, this is my *Pathei-Mathos*. We could say/type/write how much we are wanting to apologize/forgive...but in the end, it is all just words & actions speak louder than words (in A symbolic sense). ------->

------->So we must demonstrate by our actions our willingness to apologize/forgive, I tried doing this years ago & even went to the police station in her country in desperation...I told them (with-out telling them too much detail) that I am not from Italy, but I came because I had an argument with the woman I love & I just wanted the chance to apologize, the chance to show her what I never was able to show her...the rings, they gave me an appointment for the end of the week...but I ran out of money, my life's savings. To this day, I still wonder if they ever did contact her or if she ever saw the rings...only thing I know was that on my way back to Nevada, two elderly women from Poland were curious about me...I told them A summary of my travel, showed them the rings & they inspected it thoroughly...they were impressed & gave me some words of advice about how young European women are, that they are very different than the women in the countries that speak this language (I type in).---->

------->From there, my perspective had changed drastically & I still tried to find A way to finish what I should have done long ago. I tried U.N.L.V. & they discriminated against me, I tried C.S.N. only to learn that they were greedy...just wanted all the money I was willing to throw away to get A certificate of teaching languages. It took two years before things were slowly (but not fully & never the same) being restored, severing A connection ("cutting the thread") that is natural makes A big mess in our lives...especially for those directly affected, seems like it takes two years for A natural connection to be restored. In the end, we can not avoid & ignore "The Ties That Bind" when we are of the same *nature*...over at *U.S.I.*, we refer to this as ``The Calling Of The Blood´´ & part of the Tarot card results have shown that it is time we "heed the call"...start working together on what is most important, for us & for our people. How do you (two) feel about this? 💜😮🍷


  1. What is your thoughts about *Grigori Rasputín*?, curious... 🤔

December 29, 2020 11:12 pm

  1. I am a descendent of his


* more to follow shortly - just wanted to inject something re: Maria I want you to think about, because whether it can be salvaged at all hinges on the understanding of what I am about to say. I say this only to help you, and not to chastise or belittle you.


To recap, and to make sure we're on the same page because I did notice your forgiveness post on FB. Here is exactly where we stand.

I do believe you that it was Oscar and not you threatening and extorting Maria.
That said, he didn't get her contact information from nowhere.
In giving him her private information from which to contact her, you are complicit in her torment. Certainly he may have taken it from you and went over board in threatening her - I understand that. However, it is the man's job to protect his love from harm both mental and physical. You failed to do this.
You felt justified in allowing it continue, because she wanted to take a month off and then come back to you.
Rather than allow her her space for 1 short month. The harrasment continued.
The only people to blame for this are Oscar for committing it and you for allowing it to continue.


There may be a number of reasons for this. I do believe you that Oscar bullied you and was an abusive friend. I feel pity for you that this happened. I do not like seeing the vulnerable abused. This is a trait of mine that applies to all human kind across-the-board. That said, a man who allows his own friend to harass his woman cannot be relied upon to protect her from even more hostile elements. And we do agree, I think, that it is a man's job to protect and defend those he loves. If he is unable to do this, well... then "boy" is more apt word for what he is.


For my part, the only person I have any issue with is whoever was extorting Maria with those messages. I understand you were too weak to stop your friend from harassing her, thus I forgive you - and that is my of own grace and compassion I extend to you according to my own principles. Under no circumstances, however, did she or anyone else in this world deserve that treatment.


Her request was simply for a month break. That went denied. Your refusal to give her that, and that alone is what cost you the love of your life.

This may be instructive moment for you. If you are lucky, she may forgive you such as to be friends with you. She may also not. This is really up to her.

She didn't do anything wrong by having a relationship with me.

I care for her as a siste. And for that reason I risked my own relationship with my fiance of 10 years to go after whoever was harassing her. Think on this. Also know, that I did not lose my fiance for what I have done. In fact, after much consideration, it showed her the depth of my heart and desire to defend those whom I care for.

Thus. I now both love and speak to both freely. In fact, in time, Maria and my fiance will be friends.

I hope this can be an instructive lesson for you as well.

You are still young.

You must understand that one cannot "own" a person. A love that remains solely because it promised to do so is no longer love... it beecomes a prison.

Think on this.


I know... 😢

He took my shit, I was "physically "withered & I could not fight him effectively...he eventually gave it back, then started to fade away from my life.

I don't ever want to allow this to happen again, neither to *U.S.I.* or Jennifer.

This is the interpretation of the cards, I honestly believe in all my heart/soul that we can properly address this together & effectively kill off "The Past"...I sincerely believe that we are meant to work together, I am willing to put in the work to demonstrating A proper apology & forgiveness. 😢

I don't allow mistakes to be repeated twice & I have learned my lesson...


Now for the interpretation...

1. I viewed you as A harasser.

2. You viewed me as A "fool" caught up in A mess.

3. My needs is to work with you two, focusing on A "mutual goal/interest". There is much we could accomplish together.

4. Your needs appear to be the desire to maintain balance & happiness.

5. Things have calmed between you & I, it is good to learn from each other's perspectives.

6&7. We are both feel "guarded" in regards to this, so we are taking things slow & seeing where this goes.

8. I don't know much about how you & Maria feel deep with-in, but I feel "vindictive"...not to any one specific, just "vindictive" in general. I had some minor P.T.S.D. in the past, but my P.T.S.D. had gotten was not until now that I have started to find some resemblance of "peace", but the *scars* are still there & it affects the subconscious.

9. The OutCome reveals that we come up with A way to work through this *Pathei-Mathos* together & forge A strong connection.

  1. The "Theme" on the bottom of the deck indicates happiness.

Much has changed since then, especially with *U.S.I.* being good teachers...I have been "disciplined" & "trained", all with fairness. They took the time to correct me when-ever I made A mistake, they punish only to teach...not to torment, I learn my place & express gratitude.

Here is some thing that I would like to share with you, us entering in to communication & me doing these cards at this time of year carries A heavy significance (Look Up "Lilith's Day" & "Yüle", you two may find it interesting):


Se la vostra pigrizia la fa da padrona e preferite saltarvi la teoria sulle principali festività, vi suggerisco di andare direttamente in fondo all'articolo e consultare le tabelle con il calendario che vi ho creato.Breve premessa sull'interpretazione:Le principali festività Sataniche sono otto ed...

I need to "come to terms" with *The Past* & find some peace, working through my ``Pathei-Mathos´´. The way you mentioned about Maria & your wife is similar to what I had in my mind for Jennifer & I with Maria. The night before those pictures were sent to me, I had A dream/vision of this happening as though it were A premonition & I once again had A similar dream/vision after I first responded...but it was different. In my dream, it was consensual & we were all more closer together...I took it as A "sign" that this is how I can over-come the *pain* that still lingers deep in me, I don't know how you feel about this...but I have felt deeply confused ever since & my desire to have her has been relentless since then, I want her in so many ways...just as much as I desire to fulfill my duty & introduce you to *U.S.I.*. 🌻

I also care for her as A *sister*, I was A "physically withered wreck" who lacked strength...things now are not what they once were, this is how things are now compared to the past:

1. No more illness in the family.

2. No more being defamed, stalked & harassed by my lunatic abusive ex from Britain nor any of her "admirers" she suckers in.

3. No more being under the shadow of some one trying to dictate how I should live or what beliefs (political or religious/spiritual) I should have.

4. No more "looking for kinship/love in all the wrong places".

5. I have found *Home*, we all will enjoy it.

These are new factors worth keeping notes on. You have got rid of your "poison", I have got rid of mine...I don't if Maria got rid of her "poison" as well, but I hope she is okay. With "new factors" at play, things are sure to be different & I believe in what our *connection* is capable of when we work together as A *Kindred*. Take care, looking forward to more communication! 🖤

P.S: I am as A "mold of clay", will you train & teach me...shape me to be better as A person (especially in regards to relationships, be it *Professional* or *Romantic*)? 💎

December 30, 2020 3:33 am

(let there be fairness & justice). 💝


I am going to take the initiative of reminding each other that this isn't A "competition", this is about coming to terms over our regrets...

You have your *Fiancé/Wife* & I have my *Matriarch*, I am happy with what I have. The reason why I chose to establish communication is not because I am desperate for Maria's attention, but rather to come in terms of facing my past & finding my "peace" so that I can better focus on continuing to work with *U.S.I.* for the benefit of our people. I am not *monogamous*, but I don't impose any thing on others (at least not any more now that the *poisons* are gone) & if Maria wants to establish some thing (any thing, really) by her own free choice...then I encourage her, this will be better for all of us. Jennifer & the people who work with her had disciplined/taught me well, all with A (metaphorically typing) "Hand Of Fairness". 🤔😏😊

I would like to take ispirazione from an article an article from *U.S.I.* & express my gratitude to ^YOU^, I may never have found *U.S.I.* were it not for your "John Gestalt" profile alias pushing me to search for *Secuntra*...I found what I did not have in my life, A ``cause´´ worth fighting & living for! 😎

How ever this communication session concludes between you & I, know that I thank you. As an "Honorary Missionary" for *Unione Satanisti Italiani*, I would like to extend the invitation to you (ESPECIALLY Maria) to come join us at ``Home´´ where we are given *New Life*. Have A Pleasant Rest, Be Well & Give Your Wife My Best Regards! [123] 💌⚡💛


P.S: In regards to the subject of that "Thief" (I refuse to name him as he lost my respect)?, hating him as A person is not enough...hating people who have that *nature* & abuse "vulnerable individuals" makes more sense. I have made lots of observations & realized just how similar Zachary is to Oscar, I don't know what your personal opinion is about Zachary...but take this as A warning not to waste time with flaky individuals who are compulsive liars that secretly abuse vulnerable individuals, ESPECIALLY if they were given A second chance! 😠

>Both live with their moms & have the father absent for what-ever reason.

>Both like to boast & make their selves bigger than what they truly are.

>Both can't keep A steady job.

>Both worked in culinary, got an injury & eventually stopped for what-ever reason.

>Both would attend any wild party that is available.

>Both use others as "tools".

>They both have an obsession with beer that is only rivaled by their obsession with their ex. ------>

------->with that being typed, I can not help but ask what the hell is up with his obsession with me!?? I can understand an obsessive situation between you, Maria & I as we are naturally *connected*...but Zachary has some serious issues, like that "Thief". Is he mad at the fact that I fornicated all night with his ex & I was not even trying to make my self "last" as long as possible? Does the fact that the only times my former *Sister* & I ever laid hands on each other were when we were in coitus deeply upsets him? Does it secretly hurt his EGOTISM that I sprayed my own seminal fluids on her & massage it in her skin like lotion? Her & I parted ways peacefully, twice...I assure you that she is not "crazie", but rather her *nature* being restrained against her *will* makes her highly stressed to the point of insanity. Mazie is not "crazie", she is "feral" & is A total *Beast* in action. The very thing that would make her happy is living wilderness & feasting on raw flesh (even human).-->

------->The nature of my former *Sister* is that she is very normal when allowed to be like A *Beast*, she has A long-lost Native-American lineage & I think that trait comes from *Wendigo*. It is A shame that she lets her self be trapped in A prison of her own making, even more A shame that she turned down *U.S.I.* & forsake our religion out of spite. I am not attached to her, never was & never desired A relationship. As for Zachary?, he dug his own grave A long time ago before I ever was regards to *S.I.N.*?, there is A phrase: "The Body Is As Good As The Head" & from my observations..."The Head" is sick in A lot of ways, as is the *nature* of such individuals (be they Zachary or *Thief*). I don't know how long you have known him for or if you two ever actually knew each other in person long enough...but from my experience, it does not matter if you know A person all your life or not (physically or not). That person's *nature* is either compatible with you or it isn't.--->

------->It was much more difficult for me to get rid of that *Thief* from not only my life, but also from the lives of my Parents as he kept harassing them to allow him to "check up" on me under the disguise of A "friendly visitation". I actually had to make up A story about me moving to Georgia to finally break free from him, it was tricky to convince my Parents...but they understood the situation & they knew it was for the best. What you do with your own "Oscar" that you associate your self with is up to you to decide, know well that I do recognize you have talents that are better off not being wasted on "certain people" who are flaky. 🙄

When presented A metaphorical choice between A diseased carcass on life-support (*S.I.N.*) ^or^ some thing that is very beautiful, highly adaptive & fairly accommodating (*U.S.I.*) from which "New Life" is made...the most pragmatic choice is obvious. 🤔

I am tired, going to rest now...thank you for allowing me to (metaphorically typing) "get this off my chest". Be well! 😴🖤

{Hugs} 🎀


December 30, 2020 9:27 am

Good morning, bud 🙂 I'm not ignoring you - I have one more day of work ahead of me before a 4 day weekend. I will address both what you have posted here as well as the cards in that time. P.S. I cannot post or even like things on FB for another 12 hours because facebook doesn't like that I called myself the NiggerWord 😀 ttys, man - Shane


December 30, 2020 11:15 am

*incidentally, I seek only to mentor you as a concerned friend and older brother. You are a good kid, and myself, being the oldest "billy goat gruff" of 5 children, this is sort of my nature. 🙂 I am happy to see that we are healing, and yes we will continue to maintain our friendship and bonds through out the years. I look forward to what lies ahead. I've no doubt that at some time in the not too distant future, we will all meet in some strange land like bali - of 1,000 temples or who knows! the world is a very big and very beautiful place, and we stand at a beautiful time in history where humanity is becoming, for the first time, a species that inhabits a solar solar system 🙂 - more to follow *my apologies for the delays, it's been a frantic few weeks, kaibigan ko.


here is a video, btw to give you a feel for what the early C/S (Church of Satan) believed. This was well before you or I were born. It was a different thing entirely. It's degraded over the years, and the rocks tossed form the interenet haven't helped. but here: straight from Anton LaVey's mouth back in 1973 is what the Church of Satan really stood for back in its glory days:


SATANISM - Anton LeVay - The Occult Explosion 1973

SATANISM by Anton LeVay on the 1973 Nat Freedland LP, The Occult Explosion. Uploaded for entertainment and educational purposes. Opinions are of the man spea...

Hmm, io capisco...grazie per il tuo tempo, pazienza & considerazione. 🎀


Per noi... 🌻🐉

SATANAS VOCAMUS TE - Canto ed Evocazione in latino

Opera creata da Bluemorphosis, progetto musicale di Unione Satanisti Italiani. Musica di: Ellie LunariaTesti e Voce: Jennifer Crepuscolo Editing Audio: Ellie...

Jennifer teaches me things based on A "feminine perspective", perhaps you could teach me things based on A "masculine perspective"? is good to have balance of both, one thing I lacked growing up (besides *Kindred*) was A positive role-model I could relate with & that has A similar *nature*.💛


More to follow (got a lot of irons in the fire) a package is on the way to Mauricio Gonzalez II
2538 Carruth Ct
LAS VEGAS, NV 89121 Vajrayogini book as well as some souvenirs form my fiance and I's travles abroad - one for you and yours the Jenn( is it)


should be there probably by the 7th or 8th. If it needs to go to a different address, just let me know and I'll put a re-direct on it.

*more to follow - take care, man 🙂


* and yes I would be more than happy and honored to serve as a role model in that capacity.


Mille Grazie. 😊

Oh...I should mention this, but Zachary had actually offered to "Sell You Out" back when Mazie was with me & tempted me by showing one of the letters of your name...he texted that he was willing to do this in exchange for my "witness testimony" against Mazie, the woman he continues to defame/harass to this day. I did not know whether or not he was being serious, but I am A believer in *Loyalty* & ignored the message...I would show you, but all my old messages got deleted automatically when I changed my number & so we would have to take this at *Heart*. Have A Pleasant Day/Evening! 🖤


December 30, 2020 3:16 pm

Ya I figured as much. Zach's not a bad guy, just - well - he has no real loyalty to anyone, but well, that comes with its own karma. People who lack loyalty and honor in the most common and basic human ways end up paying for it in their emptiness. I will show you what he sent me. Make of it what you will, but I told him to stand down. *Even left a message on his VM saying same


He messaged me about A week after I called him & rejected his attempted bribery, after two weeks from that call (& ignoring his message)...he sent this exactly word-for-word: "enjoy your STD". He evidently likes recording phone calls to use as "leverage" towards any-one who would go against him, I would not be surprised if he actually made A YouTube video of the recorded bribery from years past. Also worth mentioning, Mazie had no S.T.D. or else my seasonal physical examinations would of revealed it. 🤣

Ha! You fucked Mazie??? 🤣 That gets points!!!


*high five










Tooo funny dude!


Now it all makes sense


Aaaahhh hahahahaha




The terms "bad" or "good" are very much just subjective, especially when it comes to cultural differences. There is only *Nature*, we could have different unique personalities & beliefs...but one thing that brings certain types of individuals together is *Nature*. 😉

🙂 agreed *fist bumps


I gotta get back to it - talk to you soon man


{Hugs} 💝

Hugs* later man 😀


The *Thief* & Zachary deserve each other, I could care less if they took turns sodomizing each other until expiring together from hemorrhage...I don't put up with "flaky individuals", ESPECIALLY those who have `that´ sort *nature*. I boldly say "Good Riddance To *Ilk* Of That Sort"! 🙄

Take Care. 😊

December 30, 2020 11:47 pm

This is an other *gift* I offer, especially for Maria... 🎁


This is *Home*, it is what had been long searched is in her language too. Sure it is Italian & there may be A minor language barrier for some of us, but I strongly believe/feel deep (like A rising fire) in my *heart* *soul*...that every *Kindred* can find their place here, this is an invitation to explore some & bear witness to the (slowly, but steady) rise of some thing very beautiful for all of us to enjoy!

Unione Satanisti Italiani - YouTube

Benvenuto nel canale ufficiale di Unione Satanisti Italiani

I have one final *gift* to offer, I did an other Tarot card reading (same `spread´ as before) in regards to Maria...I am not sure if I should wait until she decides to communicate with me or if it would be better for you to share what I have learned, the "message" I have is some thing positive. 💝

To Both Of You, Be Well... ~M.💐🐉

Good deal. I feel that she will decide to speak to you. In fact she had offered to speak to you on my behalf when you first went to my fiance' with the rip report. I told her "no, that this was my doing, my mistake and my error to correct" - even so, she is open to the idea of talking to you and I think she will in time - I am certain of it, actually.


you two be well as well, man 🙂 *oh check this out: I stumbled upon it while looking into the "Red Shoe Club"


The Cult of Moloch

Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and documents on topics from anti-Semitism to Zionism.

*seriously fucked up shit, right there.

^happy reading


Mille Grazie, happy reading to you too...
(Google's *CHROME* web browser to access the web address site allows you to utilize the translation software incorporated with-in, it is not "100%" accurate...but it is some thing). 😊

December 31, 2020 1:43 am

There is A "raging fire" deep with-in my *Heart*, A pleasant `warmth´ similar like what I experienced around this time last year...& I believe that things are back where it should be, the way it is meant to be. 😊💝🔥⚡💎💌

January 1, 2021 11:24 am



Happy New Year, man!


please register when you have a free moment

DigitalValhalla Forum

DigitalValhalla Discussion Board

it is a new day, indeed 🙃


Thanks for Mille Grazie (I was wondering "dude, I don't know Italian 🤣")



January 1, 2021 1:14 pm


Mille Grazie = Many Thanks. 😊

Neat! I will relay this to her. She is presently with her fam and limited to just data on her phone. Internet is sub-par. She'll be back on Wednesday


For doing generalized `readings´, she is pretty damn accurate & much of the cards are in deed coming to make sense...especially in regards to what she said about last month. 😅😮

Stargirl the Practical Witch - YouTube

Professional Witch, Tarot Reader, & Astrologer here to help those who feel there is more to the world than meets the eye. I post monthly horoscopes, weekly h...

"An older male will take you under his wing & would be as A mentor, being instrumental in assisting with your personal growth". 🤔

There are certain things that I do know much about, but I am willing to learn...especially for when I move to the Island in the Italian Peninsula. 😅😊🌻


This was shown to me by an acquaintance from the country... 🤔

I'll be working on an other soon article soon; what do you (two) think about *Unione Satanisti Italiani*? 🙃

January 1, 2021 5:41 pm

Hey man - that sounds great. Need you to do me a favor.


From now until the 6th... set aside any articles, writing, blogs (that a can wait)

there very soon, martial law will be declared. I do not know when or where specifically.

I think only in some states.

Keep quiet. Don't alert anyone publically.

Get your supplies. Prepare for possible power loss


don't arouse panic keep silent. but focus on getting through January.


You know the drill



first aid



be sensible. This is not the end of the world.

but the deep state is going down.

the swamp is being drained.

and... well... it won't be a smoot tansitition.


focus. Worry about the immediate danger while there's still day light.


PLEASE do not raise alarm. Be cool. Just "doing some shopping" I know it's exciting, but the less alarm you raise, the better. Be safe man.


January 1, 2021 8:32 pm

I would not worry too much, especially when we have some thing to look forward to...some thing to aspire accomplishing, I have gotten A dream/vision of this several years ago & it was us having our own "Home Land" some place in the Mediterranean. It is good to be prepared for things, but let us not get too stressed...we (three & other *Kindred*) will be okay, all of us. 🖤

{Hugs} 🎀

People often talk about "World Wars 1-3", but forget about "0"...what do you (two) think about this? 🤔

The Sea Peoples Explained: Atlantians, Giants or Mycenaeans?

#theseapeoples #fomorion #mycenaeons There is a ancient historical anomaly that comes in the form of a mysterious race of people known as ‘The Sea Peoples’ ...

Funny -I was just watching this about three months ago, man


so my contact is telling me that we're looking at around 10 days of darkness

this, I think means media blackout

but could also mean 10 days no power

prepare for that and also... we're not sure what Iran is finna to do

just be safe - it's not the end of the world, but - it will be a bit uncomfy


January 2, 2021 12:52 am

  1. The theory about how an entire time era came to an end because of A group with similarities to the Greeks & leaving Rome to pick up the pieces is quite intriguing, I even read about A theory that the *Philistines* (one of the most powerful ancient civilizations that fought against Israel) actually had A lot "genetically in common" with the Greeks...possibly A remnant of "The Sea People". 🤔

    2. Damn...I really hope this does not affect personal communication, I have *Pilgrimage* plans to do & need to get to that island...representatives of *U.S.I.* gave me A task of telling people (Satanist, Pagan, Hindu & any thing non-Abrahamic) who live in countries that communicate in this language about us. 😮

January 2, 2021 3:20 am

DigitalValhalla Forum

DigitalValhalla Discussion Board

^fresh out of the oven... will be built up in the coming weeks

FB and instagram are dicey. We have our own place now. I gave Zach his chance. Once We're squared away here I will reach out to Mazzy with other stuff she needs to know re: violation of restraining order and posting her naked pictures on SIN.


Incidentlly, I think he was sending messages to Mazzy pretending to be you prentedening to be him

I have it all documented and saved.

so___ he's looking at about 5 years maybe.




It's funny you were thinking about the sea people, I was literally just thinking about them yesterday when reflecting on the Canaanite religion. I'm going to be working a bit more on the forum tomorrow, sing up when you can - let me know which user you are and then I'll *finally* get to the tarot card and other responses in the queue. Take care, man 🙂


  1. I have never really been one much for forums, *U.S.I.* has it's own forums in their web address site...I signed up for it, but I probably won't be using it. 😅

    2. I suggested to some of the representatives the idea of having our own socialization web address site, they liked it...but we have not thought too much of the process of how to do it, we are taking things slow & rush. 🙃

    3. "JailHouse Bird Zachary" going to prison is too good for him & too boring for her, I actually like the idea of having him go pick A fight with that *Thief* while we all watch from far to see who wins...but ultimately, my main focus is *U.S.I.* & helping contribute any way I can. 🤔

    4. I have read A few *U.S.I.* articles, they like to remove all "labels" from Satanism [Militant Paganism] & just have it be called for what it is...simply referred to as "Satanism", no thing else. They also like to talk about A "Satanic Race", though I believe it to be more as A sense of symbolism... 😉


P.S: I wouldn't get too involved with Mazie, she has been through A lot & I don't think it would be correct for her to get wrapped up in this mess again...especially if it would risk Mazie violating her own restraining order against Zachary. 😮


In A hypothetical scenario that such an event between them occurs, I would definitely be playing this song for A long time. 😉

The Setup (GTA 5 ending song)

It's a setup.

January 2, 2021 5:51 am

3c. Such A hypothetical scenario would be our own equivalent of "The Cremation Of Cairn" (if that seems familiar?). Let it all run it's course while we all move on towards better things together, I spent A year working with *U.S.I.* & despite the minor language barrier...things have been awesome. Perhaps after us working together with them for A year or two, they would take even more interesting approaches towards things & we may very well see "Satanism Made Great Again"! 🖤

P.S.S: That *Thief* has no balls since three years ago, he surgically made him self sterile...too afraid of having children, yet still married A single-mother with A toddler! 🤣

🙄 I personally think that it is selfish to go against what is natural, it is fine to be selective about when you choose to have isn't wise to have children during A bad situation or while in A very negative environment, but equally as bad not to have children when the circumstances & "quality of life" are much better...I understand that we need to have children (responsibly, of course) as it is good for us & good for the nation, an "aging population" causes A civilization to decline while too many young people causes A civilization to risk becoming unstable...balance is needed. 😮

January 5, 2021 3:47 pm

I'm very direct. I don't take pleasure in taking revenge. It does nothing for my ego. I get nothing out of it. I need a straight answer for this one question so I can proceed. I need to know how you found my fiancé's profile.

I do, however ensure that everyone who has what's coming to them gets what's coming to them.

On that note, I strongly advise that you be truthful with me. For your own sake. I like you and I would prefer to keep it that way. 🙂


Here's what you need to understand. And I am going to be real clear about this.

Somebody put my pictures on rip off report attempting to harm me. They succeeded.

You. In turn. Contacted my, for all intents and purposes, wife.

You hurt her.

And you need to come clean with me so that I can proceed appropriately and in accordance with what is just.

I am not one to leave an injury unaddressed. This must be addressed if we are to move forward.


January 6, 2021 7:19 pm

Some random guy (billy?, don't remember...only know that the profile is `blank´) contacted me on FaceBook last Summer season & started asking me A bunch of odd questions, I was not interested...told him go bother Zachary & gave him his number, he then told me about you. My only interest is my new life in the Italian Peninsula & working closely with my *Kindred*, having my subconscious being "cleared" would help A have helped cleared your half, I appreciate it & now I only have the other half. 🤔😮

What does it all matter now?, no point in lingering on this...I know it too be very well true, since I am moving away & having "New Life". 🌻

We all have been hurt & we are all tired, let us not forget this: *NOAN UNALAH BALT OD VOOAN* (let there be fairness & justice). 🖤


See the "blank" on the bottom of the list?, right under A fake profile account that belongs to my abusive ex from Britain that I had to block.

You (two?) only know (at most) half of my "Life's Story" while I hardly know any thing about your's, the Tarot cards showed us what needs to be done & I have done my part...this is my *Pathei-Mathos* & I needed to work through this, I don't know if you (two?) haved worked through your own *Pathei-Mathos* or not...but I am willing to assist you, "Open Your Heart(s) & Let The Sun Shine In". Let us rise up together out of the ashes of our past failures/regrets/weaknesses & make our selves new, there is "New Life" to be found at *Home*. If you (two?) ever need to verbally/visually communicate, I am here for you...we will be okay, we have each other & we have *Home* to look forward to! ~💐🐉



January 16, 2021 12:24 am

Do you not realize how much you are over-reacting on this?, there is "no loss" for me...there is only "loss" for two people who I am trying to help & one of them is YOU, I am perfectly fine where I am at...but needed to address "The Past" affecting my subconscious & the way I was recommended is to be charitable with you two, offering the both of you A chance to have "New Life" with our people. I have no "need" of you two, the both of you "need" me & I was willing to be (two) want to throw it all away & be stuck in what-ever shit-hole situation for all your existence instead of taking the opportunity to get out of it, that is fine! Here is A special "message" for you (two) & unlike Maria who constantly complains about "wanting to go home", I am finally *Home* with *Kindred*:



Volevo spendere giusto qualche parola per ringraziare tutti coloro che ad oggi hanno contribuito alla realizzazione di questo sito e che giorno per giorno si impegnano nel dare un senso a questo progetto chiamato Unione Satanisti Italiani.

January 28, 2021 4:21 pm


January 28, 2021 5:50 pm

Your girl Jen's an idiot:

I just wanted to say a few words to thank all those who have contributed to the creation of this site to date and who, day by day, are committed to making sense of this project called Unione Satanisti Italiani.

We live in a difficult time, a time that still sees us far from that splendor and beauty we so long for and which so often makes us melancholy, although never defeated.

This project has always served simply for this, to restore the cult of Satan and the Ancients, thus restoring our primeval nature, our memory, the eternal contact with our roots. Its highest purpose has always been to restore to ourselves and our Avi the honor that has been stolen from us, restoring that natural order that only the true heirs of the Cult can truly understand. We are few, we are rare. Whether the mediocre mass of worldly likes it or not, true Satanism is the Path of the elect of nature, an elitist Cult where only a certain Spiritual Aristocracy can be said to be included.

... blah blah blah

tell her this:

function disableSelection(target){
if (typeof target.onselectstart!="undefined") // IE
target.onselectstart=function(){return false}
else if (typeof!="undefined") // Firefox"none"
else // Opera etc
target.onmousedown=function(){return false} = "default"

works only on retards and people with autism


she'll know what I mean.

Here's the deal. At the end of the end of the day, you're a narcissistic, and a malignant one at that. What's worse is that you're oblivious to how transparent you are. Here's a hint: no one who is doing anything in life worth doing has the time to read through the pages and pages of self-centered, self-pitying, finger-pointing word vomit you espouse. I tried to help you, but I realize you're just a lost cause. Not everything that is broken is fixable, and you sir are truly the most broken and sad individual I have ever come across. I wish you the best of luck in life, because you're going to need it.

  1. Stop trying to contact my fiance and also Maria. The three of us are just fine without you. You are of no use to us. Good bye.

I am your eternal reminder of what is stated here: 08:39 "each man each woman is a god or goddess and Satanism but must never make the mistake of assuming that there may not be another God or another goddess next door that may be a little stronger than he or she" you will never "win" against me, as I am not playing "games" as such. What I do is cold hard reality bending. You would do well to distance yourself from O9A - you are simply not built for it. Carry on with your lonely fantasies, we - my kind - are simply not your kind. We haven't time for you. 

SATANISM - Anton LeVay - The Occult Explosion 1973

SATANISM by Anton LeVay on the 1973 Nat Freedland LP, The Occult Explosion. Uploaded for entertainment and educational purposes. Opinions are of the man spea...

February 2, 2021 7:45 am


  1. I do not know what exactly is your problem against me, but I have no thing to do with your personal issues & so do not take it out on for "rot"?, the only individual with "rot" is your self & you let it happen by your own actions. 🙄

    2. No mortal flesh is A "god(dess)", neither you nor me & thus this statement is `empty´...though I have hoped that your desires to clean up this *mess* are not as empty as that statement you ``quoted´´. 😮

    3. If by "your kind", you refer to A *breed* that is very much similar as I & whose only difference is A lack of comprehension of ``The Big Picture´´?...then you are correct, it appears that I am just slightly more evolved than you [two?] as indicated by the Tarot card results & so that was why I was encouraged to establish communication with you [two?]. It is rather ironic that I have been told to "go play Pharoah" with you [two?], as though it were A mockery of some biblical story I remembered reading about! 🤔

    Be Reasonable...


P.S: You are evidently obsessed with me, even recently `invading´ my sleep during Astral Travel...either that or we were arranged together, there is unfinished business & "some one" wants this *mess* resolved. 😒

February 3, 2021 5:05 am


How to Spot a Sociopath in 3 Steps

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February 4, 2021 2:58 am

If you contact me again I will file a restraining order on the both of you. I am sending this strictly for documentation purposes. I strongly advise you not to respond to this message. You are to cease to contact with myself Shane Hodge (aka AK aka Saklas Malakas Rakshasa IV) and my fiancé Florence Bigcal (aka Dakeeni Akho). You are also expressed prohibited from accessing at any time or for any reason.

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February 9, 2021 10:51 am




BALT Expect us




Game Over Mauricio and Oscar.

I win.

Ripoff Report > Satanic International Review - San Diego, California

Ripoff Report on: Satanic International Network (S.I.N.) - Satanic international network sin zach c schroeder schroder black black ak antikarmatomic harassed t...

You deserve this

The both of you.




Thanks for playing!

See you in court.

February 9, 2021 1:03 pm

So here's what's going to happen. You, Mauricio and Oscar will be served with a tort. I know that there's third person. You will have to give me his name. And then it will be up to you guys to decide which one of you I sue with Rip Off Report for 1.6 million in damages.

You will be hearing from my lawyer in 30 days.

Be well.

February 10, 2021 7:01 am

I figured it out Oscar

It was never Mauricio

Or Lucien

It was you Oscar who did this

and it was you who beat Mauricio

and now, you see, Oscar

There is nothing you can do

I am coming for you


and you will be going to prison

for a very.



long time

Game over.



Expect us #post-45

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Please be advised: The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) is a United States cybersecurity bill that was enacted in 1986 as an amendment to existin...

your pal -AK 😆

You will be hearing from my lawyer soon

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Be well

Mauricio. Sit tight. Why you would let this ass hat back in your life is beyond me. Stop being so needy and find people who are of your type. Search for DH Thorn on face book

the people that gravitate around his crew are your / our kind

Oscar is ruining all of your realtionships

and if anything happens to you, I will know it is him

so he's basically cornered

Make a new account on digitalvalhalla and we will proceed as before.

Oscar you are expressedly prohibitted from contacting me any further or accessing digitalvalhalla

Maruricio you are welcome back

Oscar sit tight and await your tort

you agree to never contact mauricio or myself again, I will go easy on you and sue rip off report only

fail to do this and you will be named in my lawsuit and charged under the CFAA to face 25 years in prison for impersonating another perons online and unlawful access to a computer

the choice is yours


February 15, 2021 10:53 pm







That's how you lose the game.

Thanks for playing

I'll be sure to write you in prison form time to time and send pics of Maria and I

I know you like looking at them so much

May as well have something to masturbate and cry to

don't drop the soap


game over

February 16, 2021 5:46 am

😂😂😂 You know the NSA has everything? Remember Prism? What snowden revealed? Yeap. That all applied to you too kid.


You lose!

Prison for the rest of your life Mauricio.

See that works?

  1. Played. You.

I think it feels pretty good, so good, so good, so good, so good, so good, so good, so good, soooo goood!!! 😂

How you feel now baby?

GWAR - Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good (lyrics)

From the album 'America Must Be Destroyed' (1992)


And everything you posted on Rip of report.


That was an NSA sting too.

You got played, bitch! That's what you get.

Thanks for playing.

That's for everyone you ever harassed.

Kiss your miserable life good bye.

Shoulda never fucked with me.



The NSA also has your allusions to murder.

Hope you didn't really do it.

I mean. That is a confession.

I'd be happy to submit everything you told me as state's evidence.

Since you like sharing people's pictures so much

and have no regard for privacy.

I owe you in kind


Justice. Served. Cunt.

Nu Breed Feat. Jesse Howard - Welcome To My House

μολὼν λαβέ pussy.


February 16, 2021 8:58 am


Wednesday 12:54pm




theofficialjaviflores BREAKING NEWS MKAY

Yesterday 8:31 PM

You are obviously as mental & obsessive as my abusive B.P.D. ex from Britain, do not go attack me over your marital/personal life problems that you have brought up on your the Tarot's advice, I offered you an opportunity to completely leave what-ever shit-holes the both of you put your selves in & yet YOU (your self) have suddenly wanted to stay in `said shit-hole´. I have my organization & my relationship with two women [Matriarch included] who just so happen to love each other as well, you could say that this is some thing that got introduced to me as A "gift". Why would I want you or her?, when I have two lovely individuals from the South whose passion for the religion is as fiercely devoted as our passion for each other & we work together in our goals unlike you (two) who obviously have neither goals nor motivation other than being A parasite! 🙄🤔😜

The Strain | Abraham vs Eichorst

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Yesterday 10:58 PM

You have been told everything I need to say on Facebook.

You lose. Your choices are life imprisonment or the death penalty.


You're not typing your way out of this one, fruitloop.

Game. Set. Match.

You are not Yezidi. We know our kind.

Should have left well enough alone, but you just had to get my fiance involved, didn't you.

You woke up the VOVINA.

Sit tight and await further instructions.

You are both going to prison a very long time.


12:44 PM

And now Mauricio and Oscar are going to be talking to the feds. Because one of them killed Lucien, and the other did nothing to repor tit.
You sent Today at 12:33 PM
And since I can't tell who's who. I think it was actually Maurcio.
You sent Today at 12:33 PM
I believe Oscar will agree.
You sent Today at 12:33 PM
You sent Today at 12:34 PM
After all, you are Satanist
You sent Today at 12:34 PM
You admit to being a member of the ONA
You sent Today at 12:34 PM
they believe in human sacrifice. That makes sense to me. It was you who killed Lucien.
You sent Today at 12:43 PM
PS I just got off the phone with Oscar.
You sent Today at 12:43 PM
He is aware that you are trying to frame him for Lucien's murder.


Game. Set. Match.

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