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March 18th, 2021

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The best I can put it is this: it's all interconnected. There are levels to this Inception like process of awakening. 2021 is not the endgame, it is the prologue to Mankind’s transition from a terrestrial civilization to an extraterrestrial civilization. Your Space force and Space X. The man, the myth, the Legend. Elon Musk.

Communism didn’t just go away in 1989. 18 years later: Circa 2007 – 2008 SJWs and “Snowflakes” first started matriculating into university. Millennials with no memory of the Cold War had entered colleges that were purposely set up as debt traps. Majoring in totally useless majors such as Gender Studies or Critical Race theory, with absolutely no way of repaying the cost to attend, capitalism framed in the context of sheer hopelessness made for sympathetic hearts and minds to the cause of the Democratic Socialists of America – the financiers of BLM and Antifa, backed by the Chinese Communist Party. Socialism is always the transition from one form of government to Communism. It is not an ends, but a means. It starts in the universities. First with academia, then into the HR departments of private corporations, tenured faculty of liberal universities, state, local, federal government and law enforcement. The Cult of Woke Union.

In opposition to the clown show, we have your MAGAs who understand that, all things considered, Trump was a good president relentlessly maligned by the media. This is a sensible position, and it remains a sensible position regardless of what Facebook and Twitter have to say about it.

There are also Anons of “QAnon” affiliation. In some sense it’s MAGA++. Not only was Trump a great president, he is taking out a globalist, communist, child trafficking cabal and assisting John F Kennedy Jr at getting revenge against the swamp creatures for murdering his father (hoorah!). Crazy. Mother. Fuckers. One and all. Crazy, but not wrong. Bet.

Now, the Space Travel comes pretty naturally. We have Geometric Unity, DECLAS, DogeCoin “To the moon”. Listen. If this is not hard to parse. Yes. Aliens exist. We’ve known about this for a while. Yes, the Earth is flat… ish. And the center of the universe. There is far less "matter" than we first suspected. 

Also, Nephilim exist, and their descendants are here among us. I know because I am one. I am also not the only. We are waking up. You may be one too, though, I suspect if you have to ask, probably not. I would believe you if you claimed to be one. Unhesitatingly. It’s more about blood than skin tone. But you probably knew that.

From where I sit, we’re in end game of the movie, but this transitions to SYBMAK, and a likely space war which I feel as though I should prepare for.

I believe this is a sensible check list, and one I’d like to add to as a sort of Setup-guide-to-the-new-world. The new world being the one in which Trump is vindicated, the Fed has crashed, Crypto, Silver, and the New Republic’s dollar reign supreme. A world in which advances in automation, machine learning, BCIs, AR, Quantum Information Theory, Physics, extra-planetary colonization, space travel, the occult, and trans-humanism are as pervasive concepts as day time TV.

In any world, while money can’t buy everything, it sure does help.

Premise: not only are the banks going to crash, they are allowed to take my savings to keep afloat. Yours too, obviously. We don’t need banks anymore. We also don’t need the Fed. Both of these institutions are about to undergo a planned demolition under not-the-real-Biden’s watch. This is part of the show. Even if not, it’s still a likely scenario one should be prepared for. The back story is tertiary to me. I’m not as hung up on it is some are. I believe that the time for waking people up is over. In fact, I think it might even be dangerous to. There’s a certain resistance to it – the Q stuff. It reminds me of how the Smiths in the Matrix will do anything to protect the Matrix. Similarly, those in state and local government who are aware of what is happening, know their time is short. There may be a fight, a fight we will win, but a fight all the same.

The White Pill. To me the white pill is the only sane progression from the red pill. The red pills are awake and aware within the illusion. The white pills act accordingly, knowing that they are now a part of it. By enacting their true will, and leading lives in accordance with what they already know to be true and coming. This can take many forms. Knowing that a change is at hand, some may choose to teach. Others to invent. Discover. Lead lives of adventure and meaning. Fight the good fights. Speak truth to power. &c assume a leadership role for one’s hour upon stage. The game that plays itself.


With the fall of the United States of America Corporation, the Fed, and Central bank – possibly with some final conflict with the CCP backed insurgents in the planned Summer protests, financial stability is a must, second only to supplies sufficient to survive 10 days of no power. Not exactly a doomsday scenario. Think attack on the electrical grid, possible retaliatory EMP by Iran or something. Maybe. Turbulence. Then there is that which remains.

Crypto an obvious must. Cyber security another.

Start from the beginning. Clean devices. Laptop and cell phone. New number. Linux OS. Learn it.


  1. Brave browser [ ]

  2. Proton VPN and Mail Address [ ]

  3. Sign up for BitPay [ ]

    1. Familiarize with Pin, Encryption key, passphrase

  4. Purchase Crypto of your choice. Dogecoin, for example [ ]

  5. Acquire Hardware wallet [ ]

  6. Set up Hardware Wallet [ ]

  7. Send funds from BitPay to Hardware wallet

    1. Familiarize with Send Receive QR code

    2. Use as currency

Buy stocks. GameStop did unexpectedly well. Research how that started. Will other stocks do unexpectedly well?

AI Machine learning. Install Anaconda. Learn Python, Jupyter, &C

Take a course.

Set up an LLC.

Ultimately the future belongs to whoever holds and shapes the narrative. The adepts. The end of the Enlightenment era Cartesian divorce is at hand. The aeon of the child and a child like sense of adventure propelled by a ceaseless sense of wonder, curiosity and love of life far removed from the dead and cold snow flake atheism. Hail Satan! God wins wherever mankind takes its God Given liberties back from the state.

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