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I am not an anti-vax, but I think that this Covid19 vaccine is not only useless, but a fraud, a way to obtain something else, and I'm not talking about money.
First of all, there is no such thing as a virus vaccine: viruses always mutate, after a few months you will be as likely to catch it as those who weren't vaccinated (see the flu vaccine: 78% of those who get that vaccine in say, November, catch the flu in February).
This is due to the fact that viruses replicate themselves by RNA, which is similar to DNA but one of the components is different and -the most important difference for my point- it doesn't have an error control system, therefore the continuous change in viruses: every time the RNA changes slightly, the virus goes "I'll take it", unlike more complex organism cells, and adapts to the new situation. (Brainstorming, but taking examples from viruses could be useful for the human being. I may write another post about that.)
Moreover, I recently found out that Bill Gates, who paid for the Covid19 vaccine research, expects to be sue for damages caused by the vaccine by 700000 people.
Why so?
Well, recent researches cunducted in Germany say the vaccine contains a load of RNA, which contains viruses' genetic code. This RNA will be introduced in our bodies and it will act as the virus one: it will enter our cells and force them to replicate it. Change how? I don't know, but I believe nobody knows at this point.

Then there's the mess that happened in US. I won't explain that cause probably you know that better than me, since you may have more free time than I.
What about that?

Well, I have the feeling those two are related.
It's just smoke in our eyes to cover something major that's going on behind all of this. They, whoever they are, are just distracting us, like a magic trick. And I fear that when the smoke will dissipate and we will see what's behind, it will be too late.

I am a pacifist (so unpopular for this forum :C ) and I don't say that making war is the best way out, I believe clarity and awakening are. Keep digging, keep searching for the truth.

There's other stuff that I have a feeling is related to all of this, but I have too little infos about that to talk about it.

If this post clicks with you as it did with me, it means I got something right.

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Hi Altair and welcome aboard! I must say this is a very well-written post! It looks like you put a lot of time and thought into it, and as such I too will put equally as much time and effort into my reply. I hope that our users will do the same, and that this sets the bar for the type of philiomathic and civil discourse we are seeking to foment here at DigitalValhalla. 

I am eager to reply back soon with my thoughts, as you seem to have echoed many of the same sentiments and notions I have been pacing and mulling over myself lately. 

Happy New Years and Be(e)st wishes to you and yours from us at DiVa. 

-Saklas Malakas Rakshasa IV AKA AK The Akkadian 🙂 

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