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Spooks among us

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2021. The lessons of the past have been learned. In summary, the main point is this:

If people cannot trust their government, they must become anonymous in order to avoid prosecution. The problem with that is that an anonymous person among a horde of other anonymous people becomes isolated and prone to black mail and exploitation. This is simple math. This is an entanglement from which the only way out is through. It is my belief that "hackers" and "chaos mages" generally want to do good, or if not good, then at least well. It is also my belief that we are fast approaching the convergence of information theory and the occult, technology and biology. We are also fast approaching a republic in which the financial incentives to do malice to one another are altogether absent. Even so, there will always be those among us who like to harm children and animals because the force behind which magic operates is the life and emotive force. This can be derived from self or from others.  Here among us, as in any sub culture, there will be parasites. Opfers, in a word. As willing opfers, they are welcome here to the lions den. 

That said, I welcome our newest member MKFawkes, developer and CIA spook and operating overtly to ensure that no one is taken advantage of, black mailed, or manipulated on this platform. 


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