DeFi Dive for pearls

Fortunately for me, my personal calamity just so happened to coincide with larger, and much more game-changing catastrophes; all of a geopolitical (if not extraterrestrial) nature. The stealing of the United States Of America’s 2020 Presidential Election. The end of Central Banking and the Federal Reserve with the emergence of a disruptive technological innovation known as blockchain. Web 3 Decentralized Intelligence Agency. 

Lose everything. Decide never again to punch a clock for or answer to the whim of another sentient being ever again. I haven’t lost anything. I’ve heard it referred to once before as a seat-change. The central banks, you see, are running out of money. I saw it coming. Some of us had. 

Not to worry: sign up for BitPay, buy DogeCoin, get the debit card, you’ll be fine.

Otherwise: 2008 minus the bail-out. Too big to fail you say? Too bad.

Transaction declined. 

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