January 7th, 2021

Message from Q

‘m getting a ton of messages from good people who are feeling very panicked. Keep calm patriots. Let’s review, and think logically about things. Q. When did Q first begin posting? A: Oct. 28, 2017. Q: How long have the good patriots in the Military been preparing to take down the Deep state? A: Since JFK’s assassination. Q. When did Generals in the US Military ask Trump to run for office? A. Several years ago, somewhere between around 2012-2014 Q. Could Trump have ordered the Military to begin arrests and take down the Deep State traitors at any point during his presidency? A. Yes Q. So then, why didn’t he? A. Sting operation. The public needed to see how corrupt our government truly is. He wanted to allow members of the government every opportunity to come clean and renounce the deep state. Trump wanted every member of congress to be forced to choose whose side they were on. Q. How will the military secure our Nation and how will the arrests take place? A. Probably not in a manner in which we are anticipating but before January 20. Q. Should you fear? A. What did Q tell us several times in the posts in the last few months? Do not be afraid. The Bible says “Do not be afraid” 365 times….1 x for each day of the year. Q. Should you hide cash in under your pillow and load up on ammo? A: It’s always wise to be prepared but don’t panick. Prep as if you’re prepping for a hurricane or a snow storm. Turn your anxieties in to prayers. Go for a walk and talk to God about it. Even if you don’t believe in God, try talking to Him anyway…. We will win!

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